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icons not showing

I'm using the ability to send <n> frames as described here to push several frames of information each of them with a unique icon.

The icons are not showing consistently. Sometimes they are blank and other times, updates to the icons are not recognized by the LaMetric (it's still displaying an older version of the icon).

How do I get the latest icons and why are dynamically changing icons in the frames structure not displayed?

I had the same problem and i found out it can only display the the icons which are pre-defined in the frames of the application. afterwards when you update you can switch between them, but not add any "unknown" icons. Probably they are packed in the application and not loaded dynamically ?
Maybe you could use the icon: "data:...." instead of referencing them by the id, i didn't try that


Same problem here. I have 2 LaMetric. I have indicator apps and notifications, both with icons I define in the data template. This works fine on my older LaMetric but the newer one (which I began to use just a few days ago) does not load most of the icons, this affects individual but also public icons. This also affects icons that were predefined in my indicator app. Since text in the data template updates fine and notifications and indicator updates are working I don't get why the one LaMetric behaves differently in handling icons? Does the web interface push icons to the device after choosing/drawing/saving them? Is the second LaMetric not able to pull the icons from the cloud? I have no clue, any help would be appreciated. Thank you! 

Oh, both LaMetric have software version 2.0.17. 


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