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clock face icon not changing


I try to change the clock icon. I post the following data:

{"id":"clock.clockface","params": {"icon": 72}}


And I receive the following response: { "success" : { "data" : {  }, "path" : "/api/v2/device/apps/com.lametric.clock/widgets/08b8eac21074f8f7e5a29f2855ba8060/actions" } }

So for me everything looks ok, but the icon is not changing. What may be wrong?

best regards,


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As I was digging this API endpoint too, I realised that the only way to change the clockface icon is with an icon parameter consisting of a base64 data string of the icon.
Referencing the icon with its id (adding a 'a' or 'i' regarding if animated or not) doesn't work.

I don't understand why they didn't implement that and will submit this as a feature request

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