LaMetric Firmware 2.0.16 release. Discover what's new.

Hi guys,

1) Happy to announce the very long-awaited WPA-Auto-Enterprise/WPA2-Enterprise wifi networks support release.

Please note that currently only Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) with EAP Password (EAP-PWD) authentication method (a shared password for authorization) is supported.

Please make sure:

- your LaMetric firmware is updated to 2.0.16 version or greater

- you use LaMetric iOS 2.3.1 app version/Android 2.3.1 app version or greater

2) And another cool thing we've released is updated account management: change name, email or password in your LaMetric app Account menu:


Check it out! 

We appreciate your feedback, please feel free to drop an email to

Great :)

Is this also available n South Africa? 

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