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LaMetric Youtube Subs Counter doesn't work

Hi guys, 

I'm running into an issue where the YouTube subscriber counter doesn't show the numbers. I'm pretty sure the setup is correct but all that it shows is a YouTube icon with an arrow pointing to a X. I've deleted and reinstalled the app numerous times also restated the LaMetric device a few times but nothing seems to work. I had tried other youtube apps on LaMetric such as views count and analytics they all WORK fine but the subscriber counter doesn't.

Anyone running into the same problem here? 

Thanks in advance!

The app should work fine.

Please drop an email with issue details to



Hi @stephen,

Subscriber Counter for YouTube app for our smart clock gets data from YouTube API.
Sometimes it may seem that the counter doesn't work. But you’ll be notified about new subscribers when you get +10, +100, +1000, +10 000 fans respectively. 

For your case, as your channel has 1313 subscribers the public subscriber count will read 1310 until the channel reaches '1320' (for example), that is '+10'.
So just when the number of your subscribers will grow to 1320, you'll be notified about the new 10 subscribers.

We hope this will be useful. If you have other questions please drop an email on
Does it go up only every 100??
(119 KB)
(2.23 MB)

@Bird007@btopenworld. com

In your case, you’ll be notified about new subscribers when you get+100.

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