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Text alignment in indicator app

Is there a way to left align text when pushing updates to an indicator app?

I'm trying to use the icon as the initial letter for some text so that everything fits without scrolling, unfortunately the text is centre aligned leaving an annoying space...

        "text": "agenta",
        "icon": "i33831",
        "index": 0


If there's no way to align text, how can I send a trailing space? Adding a trailing space worked in the Message Board app, but despite trying to send a space and various Unicode space characters, I can't get the same trick to work with my own app.

The code is here if that helps ->

Thanks, James

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Thanks for reaching out to us.

Unfortunately, there is no such possibility to move the text in any side. The text is always centered. And unnecessary spaces at the beginning or end of the text line are cleared.  Currently, at the moment there is no information available on this feature implementation. 

 Should anything change about your request, we’ll announce this.

Our team is always working on improvements and strive to deliver the best quality to our customers. Please follow our Development Roadmap to stay tuned. Although sometimes we face some technical limitations we constantly work on the updates and put maximum efforts polishing core features to deliver the best product quality.  

If you have any other questions please drop email on

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Hi, thanks for getting back to me- I'm glad I wasn't just missing something obvious! I've currently left the initial letter icon in since 'Magenta' doesn't fit in the text without scrolling, although the extra space is bugging me. It would be great to be able to left align text in the future- I'll keep a look out for any updates. Btw. I notice your roadmap is almost all implemented- will you be adding any new items to it soon?

Dear James,

We are constantly working on product improvements and it requires some more time. We are doing our best so you could enjoy the results. 

So, please keep your patience and stay tuned to updates.

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HI, any update about this?

Also, multiple spaces inside the "text" field are stripped out as well, is not possible to have 

"word1        word2 word3" 

lametric show it as:

"word1 word2 word3"

it's ugly :(

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