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Writing full-fledged Lametric app

From wiki I've seen that lametric can show custom notification in following ways:

1. Making app through which actually just push/pull some external link which produces json.

2. Some external post request can send notification directly to lametric clock. No additional app is needed.

It's really cool and easy but all of these methods need additional external systems (3rd host or smth like that) for hosting this json output. Is it possible to create full-fledged app for Lametric? I would like to move some logic directly to Lametric w/o involving any 3rd system.

Or Lametric is fully closed? Only json and thats it?

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I do have the same question. The thing is: It must be possible at least theoretically as LaMetric themselves have deployed e.g. the snake app which does not fit the pattern of being a simple 'Indicator', 'Button' or 
'Notification' app. I'd like to see how to develop that as well. So many use cases would open up.

From what I can tell, writing full-fledged apps involves these steps:

1) Reverse-engineering the API of the main shared library that contains the base components of apps (liblfoundation)

2) Writing a C/C++ program that links against that library

3) Packaging it in an opkg ipk archive

However, the biggest problem then is distribution of the program. IMHO, restricting third-party apps to simple JSON-parsing type programs was a conscious decision of SmartAtoms, to work around the huge security problem of running arbitrary code that has read/write access to any of the other apps' files. So they won't allow distributing full-fledged third-party applications through their App Store.

The best solution would be to distribute only the source code of these custom apps and require everyone to build it on their own (not very user friendly). Lastly, side-loading apps requires users to tamper the OS installation (physically remove the built-in micro sd card to modify the root password).

I'd be willing to contribute if a bunch of capable developers can be found, but first I'd like to know whether having users develop their own software development stack for the platform is actually something LaMetric themselves don't object to. I don't have any intentions to do anything considered illegal. I'm hoping someone from LaMetric's team can clarify their stance on this undertaking.

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