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Tiktok Apps

Hello, I installed 2 tiktok applications on my lametric (these are the only two applications on lametric) These two applications have not worked for a few days. I contacted the developers by email but I have no response. It's a shame that there are only 2 counters of tiktok followers on lametric by the way .... Do you know when it will work again? I would be great if they were more tiktok apps. Thank you

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Hi, did you manage to solve the problem with the TikTok app? Also no app works for me.

Any possible solutions to this? any input at all by the LaMetric team?

Clocks for social networks that do not count social networks are useless. For nothing.


These apps were created by third-party developers, you can contact them by using email on the app page. However, recently we launched our own counter, please check it out -

LaMetric Support Team.

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