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Support for Multiple Wi-Fi Networks (and swap as required)

I did a search for multiple Wi-Fi networks but couldn't find anything so sorry if this turns out to be a duplicate or in the wrong message group.

My request is for you to be able to add more than one Wi-Fi network, which might sounds strange so I will try and explain my use case :-) 

We use a lametric at home connected to my home WiFi network, the lamertric shows our little family businesses social media followers and messages (we love it) but we attend craft fairs and take the lametric with us and connect it to out portable hotspot, which is a different SSID from home, (and we want it to be, as at the fair we use the SSID of our brand name, at home we don't want our SSID to be that of our brand for privacy so they are 2 separate SSIDs, one for the home network and one for the craft fairs)

When we go to a craft fair and start our hotspot, we have to reconfigure the lametric to that SSID, then when we go home we have to re-configure it back to our Home SSID... its not a big thing to do, but still a task.. 

It would be nice if you could add networks (so it kept previously know working ones in an internal list), and lametric would search for a network it knew it had credentials for and try to connect, it could iterate through them till it finds one it can connect too and just connect? so it would require no re-configuration when moving to the fair or back home.

Just an idea for consideration. 


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