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New DIY app - MQTT problem


I am trying to get the new DIY app to work using MQTT.

MQTT Config shows "connected", last message "no data". I was chasing 1 frame, frame type "Data" an icon and no text.

The topic is "roon/Wohnzimmer/now_playing/one_line/line1" provided by a Roon extension (roon-extension-mqtt) using Mosquitto broker.

The result should be title and artist playing in Roon. I am sending this data as a notification via Home Assistant the moment a track ist changed without a problem. But as an app I {No Format String} displayed.

Where or better how can I define that string? From my understanding the app is just listening to the topic at Mosquito.

Dear @Tom,

Hope you are doing well.

It looks like you did not enter key value in the 'Text' field.

Please try the following:

1) In the My Data (DIY) app go to Frames and choose your frame;

2) Tap 'Text'

3) Here you need to enter some text and point to your key value

4) For example:

5) Tap '<Add Frame' to save changes and return:

6) Then you will get a title of the song. 

You can do the same to display artist name in the next frame.

Also, we share our guide to My Data DIY (no-code possibilities) app -

We hope this helps.

If you have any other questions, please drop an email on


Thanks a lot for your answer.

The solution was


Now it works.

Thanks for writing back with updates, @Tom)

Reach back out if you run into anything else and we hope that you have a good rest of your day:)


One more thing:

In the DIY App I am showing tracks and artists of albums or, if web radio, all information given by the station.

Is there a way not to display the app if Roon is not running and not publishing MQTT data? Maybe something like "stop app if no new input for 5 minutes" or so?

Actually the last info is shown until I restart Roon. 

Dear @Tom,

Thanks for your feedback.

Currently, this is not supported. And we do not have information about its implementation.

But we forwarded your feedback to our Development Team for consideration.

 Also, we invite you to follow us on social media and subscribe to the newsletter on our website to stay tuned for the freshest news and updates.  

Use an MQTT client to subscribe to the topic "roon/Wohnzimmer/now_playing/one_line/line1" and see the actual data you receive slope when a change event occurs in Roon. This helps you determine the exact format of the data. 

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