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Direct send json to the metric


During kickstarter question its told that its possible to directly send data to the lametric via internal ip address.

So NOT via IFTTT but directly, lots of people have own steering and dont want to go in the cloud.

Please tell how this is possible

regards & thanks

ps: via mail i asked this question already and not getting the right answer :-(

just referring to IFTTT is not the answer.

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I really want my LaMetric to work without this "cloud" or "Internet" crutch (dependency) too.  This was implied in the campaign and why I bought two.  Please focus on this "feature"

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That plan you are mentioning we cant react on, they closed it! and the promises are NOT in there!

I wrote mails and forum postings here (also many others) and no reaction at all! 

You are reacting but you are not lametric (but looks like it). So this forum is not adding anything above kickstarter if Lametric is not reaponding!

so your answer is adding nothing!, and we still me have the same problem, 

i suspect you are working for them :-)

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They didn't close it... it's in the NEWS section.  Posts there can't ever be commented on.  The end result is the same of course, but they didn't specifically close it.  And someone else started a new thread about the road map so that users can comment.  You commented in that once yourself.

No, all the promises are not there... they were providing some information for users who were asking for info.  I'm quite sure that the roadmap wasn't intended as a complete and total list of everything they will do and anything not on the map won't get done.

No, I'm definitely not LaMetric.  I'm probably not quite as upset as others because I don't intend (at least currently) to direct send data.  That said, I am still waiting for some features that aren't there yet and so not "fulfilled" completely myself.

And yes, these forums DO serve a purpose:

a.) User-to-user discussion:  These can range from helping others if you solved a problem that they are having trouble with to tips and tricks on how to make their experience better to asking general questions.

b.) Dissemination of information:  IE: The NEWS section.  There's not enough there, but there has been SOME information that has been given to us through that section.

c.) Feedback for LaMetric:  Even if they aren't responding as quickly or completely as we'd like, one hopes at least that they are reading and forums here gathering data on what users are requesting.  Obviously this "benefit" assumes that LaMetric is reading... if they aren't, well... then this benefit is useless.

But you're right... this doesn't solve your problem.  I guess I wasn't intending to solve your problem cause I'm not a LaMetric Employee (check some of my earlier posts where I'm asking others for help on things if you think I'm an employee) nor do I have any significant JSON knowledge... amateur ability at best there.

Rather, I was just trying to address a couple of specific things you said about the purpose of the forum, or wanting a roadmap or your desire to complain to KickStarter.

Again: Please do NOT misunderstand me here... you have every right to be bother by the fact that LaMetric is late in fulfilling their promises.  All I'm trying to say is: This isn't unusual for KickStarter projects, at least in my experience.  Hopefully things get better, in my experience with past projects they have.  Be civil and accurate in your criticism.

Oh, and don't waste your time complaining to KickStarter.  It wouldn't do a lick of good.

You can use Intranet URLs in LaMetric Developer. In such case data communication will avoid LaMetric server. 

Update - at the moment LaMetric Developer has an issue when Intranet URL is used(, coming update will fix it soon.

IFTTT was probably easier to implement, which is why they went for that first. I'll agree their communication has been lackluster, but I have occasionally seen evidence that they are paying attention to these forums.

As a backer of 97 projects, over 30 of which were hardware/electronics projects, I can safely say that very, very few hardware projects actually meet their stated delivery timeframes or design expectations (most fail on both, and I don't think any have met both). The better ones do continue to work on their technology after shipping to bring them up to expectations, and from what I've seen here LaMetric is working on it, if only at a glacial pace.

@lametric - good to see progress being made on this... Can we have an update on the roadmap...? Thanks

having problems with the direct local json sending. The problem is that a value is send via frame to the lametric, the Http server gives me a 200, so it looks like all went well, Problem is that the value often not is being updated?. For example I send the temperature of the thermostat to the lametric and its not being updated all the time. I have tested this many time with same result. Sometimes its updating Ok but sometimes its not?

a very strange situation, if you send the value multiple times it works, it think its a small bug!

Please help?


can you tell exact how to do it? what is the exact url in this sample

i have this below (the token is a fake)

getting a 404

var request = require('request');

var token = "MDQ2ZjNlY2NYjVkNjdhYzI1NGMzMzk0YTFmZjA5MA==";

var url = ''

var postData = JSON.stringify({

  "frames": [


            "index": 0,

            "text": "Hallo Piknwir",

            "icon": "i275"






    url: url,

    method: 'POST',

    headers: {

  'Accept': 'application/json',

  'X-Access-Token': token,

  'Cache-Control': 'no-cache'


    body: postData

}, function(error, response, body){

    if(error) {


    } else {

        console.log(response.statusCode, body);



I have the same with kickstarters, have backed many. And only few meet all the promises. Thats why we need to complain here. And complaining about it to Kickstarters might help in the future cases. 

it probably will not help here with lametric. They will not open up the intranet for this device, that is for sure now! They want to use the lametric servers as only option. Its very easy to open this up.

Thats why they keep there mouth shut and not communicate at all.

Other way what will happen is that we hack it, dont need them anymore. Projects regarding this i have seen allready

btw: lametric support adjusted the above comment from 2 months ago, this was not there

You can use Intranet URLs in LaMetric Developer. In such case data communication will avoid LaMetric server. 

Update - at the moment LaMetric Developer has an issue when Intranet URL is used(, coming update will fix it soon.

Thanks Alex, but can this app be pushed to the "app store" so we can simply install this "push it yourself" app and push to it locally?

If everyone need to create a developer account to push to their device, it's missing the point? Or am I confused? :)

I haven't tried this so far - I don't know how I would provide the local push url to the user who installed the app. I can see it in the developer backend. but if you install it - how would you know the exact url?

Dear lametric


we are loosing our patience now

Ok great :-)

i can confirm the local link push is working perfect!

very nice function!!

now im trying to find out what parameter i all can use in the json push

for example how can i set the speed of the text?

is there an overview of all the options we can use in the json?

cant find it on the forum...

So I'm trying this right now and I realize this is not what everyone was hoping for, at least not me, but let me explain...

While it's a step in the right direction, from not being able to push anything at all, I think that being stuck with only 4 types of metric screens is very restrictive, especially with the dev account custom requirements that Alex so kindly described, but that will be a barrier to entree for most...

While I applaud LaMetric's effort to improve their awesome device, I think It'd be a lot more valuable and useful to be able to have a generic app that everyone can install and set a token or password from the app, if need be, and to which you could push a complete "free" frame. you'd get to define the pixels as a matrix, just like a screen. With that you could create animations, other types of data representation, fonts, etc. and simply make the LaMatric a much more powerful display device by setting this as the only app. So, you'd have a choice to use the simpler limited set OR use this app as a limitless display.

Why would we limit the output and make it so difficult instead of simply creating that one single app that can accept all the possible screen that everyone can think about, without having to create a developer account that is going to basically keep the current feature very niche...

With a common app like I'm describing, a whole community could share screen routines on github and integrate the LaMetric with IoT, special triggers, switches, software builds (jenkins?), etc. in a much more powerful way and rich way for the users!

Imagine simple users that do not want to code anything and without the technical know how (basically, most users), that could simply install a plugin to their desktop or server app, that would point to their LaMatric without having to go through all of this setup for a limited result...

This, I think, would make LaMetric market expand in, making it more visible, sparking a community of enthusiasts and allow it to be used anywhere for so many other use: commerce, work teams, startups everywhere, etc.

So, LaMetric has done a great job till now, but I think this final step could make them shine and please a lot more users and help them sell more by getting more functionality and visibility...

What do you all think?

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