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Online Board for Questions (for Students)

Hi LaMetric-Community

I have an idea for an app, but I am struggling on how to approach this. So maybe someone can give me some tipps.

My students are scared to ask questions in front of the class, even when they don't understand important things in class (I am assuming this from their answers in the test and the answers in class). To make it easier for them I wanted to have an anonymous online board (e.g. dropbox paper page accessible via link or  Etherpad). I don't have the infrastructure at the school to constantly display the pad next to the presentation. If someone has a question I can’t afford to see it only after 10 minutes, because then the student will be lost for those 10 minutes. So the idea is to use the LaMetric Time. I want to program an app, which shows something like "new question" every time, the pad is updated / a new question is posed. Ideally this would be real time or every 5 seconds or so. I already had a look at the push and pull indicator apps, but I don’t understand them too good yet.

Seems like a poll app would be the right thing.. but the URL is not accepted if I chose the link of a dropbox paper site (e.g. something like Does this only accept json files or how can I check an online board?

Would be glad for any ideas or help so that I can hopefully make it a bit easier for my students grinning face with smiling eyes

Best, Kevin

Hi Geoff. Sorry for the late reply and thanks a lot for your help! I will try to write some code to do it as soon as I have time but that already helps me a lot. Thank you so much and I will let all of you guys know, as soon as I have new information. Happy Weekend!

Yes, that's right - the file needs to be a JSON file in a particular format.  Take a look at this:

I'm not familiar with Dropbox Paper and your link gives me a 404, but it seems to me that there's a couple of ways that you could approach this, though neither is as simple as pointing the device to a URL.  The "poll" method would include writing a web application that accepts a request from the LaMetric, reads the Dropbox Paper page to determine whether there are any new questions, then constructs the JSON response to the request from the LaMetric accordingly (perhaps with the number of new questions or something).  Alternatively, you could have a "push" application that periodically reads the Dropbox Paper page and pushes to the LaMetric whenever a new question is found.  Either way, you need to write some code.


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