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create app which is showing icon and current time

I'd like to create an app which shows the current time and an icon. Then I'd like to use triggers to update the icon which are in the icon library. 

The icons can show me e.g. air quality.  But I still have the current time in the display.

The indicator app template does not allow to show current time. How can I do this?



 I am interested in a similar app but the icon should change depending on the time:

0800: Smiley

09:00: Flower


This idea has also clicked into my mind a few months back. I did apply it to my cheap assignment writing services app. It shows the current time and an icon as well with the indicator template.  If you are looking for some idea, you can easily get it from here. 


Thanks for writing to us and sharing your ideas. We'll take them into our account when working on further updates.

Additionally, using our LaMetric Developer Documentation - and if you register on as a developer you can create a simple app such as Indicator application in order to show the information on the LaMetric Time.  You can find more information about Indicator App here -
There are two types of Indicator app. You can create it with a "poll" mechanism of delivering data. The application will poll your server with a predefined time interval and update the data on the device's display. In this case, you will be able to specify additional options that will be sent to your API endpoint as a query parameters. 
Here you can find our tutorial on how to use "poll" as the method of getting the data -
Also, you can try the "local push" mechanism using your local network. It will push the data once they change to your local push URL on LaMetric Time device in JSON format (the URL is available at the app page at JSON format reference can be found here: 
So, try what you will like).

If you have more questions, please drop an email on We'll be glad to help.

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