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How to push Text to Lametric


I am working on my first app for Lametric Time (only local use).

How can I push Information to Lametric?

I have a local URL for pushing data:

https://<device local ip>:4343/api/v1/dev/witget/update/com.lametric.<some letters>

I also have a Acces Token

But how do I get data on there.

Via SSH or what

Thank you guys

 Hello LaMetric Team,

can you provide the sample Push reqeust as shown at also for the new API for the My Data DIY App when using local Push.

Best regards,


Dear Alain,

Thanks for writing to us.

Please try to use Push Indicator app in such a case. It will  push the data once they change to your local push URL on LaMetric Time  device in JSON format (the URL is available at the app page at JSON format reference can be found here:

To push some data copy and paste your push request into terminal app, change values and run.

Hope this help. If you have other questions, please drop an email on

Best regards,

LaMetric Team

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