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Complex button app

I wish to create a complex (well, not too complex) button app on LaMetric Time:

I would define 3 items:

  • milk
  • honey
  • sugar
Application is a button application named "Shop" and I wish to provide these 3 items:

So: green arrow: let's me enter the list (either with middle button short or longpress), yellow arrows let me navigate in the list (either with side buttons, or with middle button longpress), and red arrows send the choice via HTTPS, and exit from list.

How am I supposed to create an application like this?


Hello @Daniel,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Unfortunately, currently, there is no possibility to create Button app with the scheme you have described. Button app triggers only one URL when you press an Action button. Here is how Button app works -

Anyway, we appreciate your idea. Please follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter - to stay tuned for updates.

Should there be any questions write an email to We'll be glad to help.

Hi, any news for this? :)

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