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Format json entry (DIY no-code)

Hello, I'm using the DIY app, in the "no-code" version. I'm using a URL that returns a JSON and I want to get some date from it and format it (pretty print). Unfortunately, in the JSON, the date has this format : 2024-03-13T17:27:17+0100 And in the DIY, I cannot find any way to format it with a pattern (e.g. dd/MM/yyyy). Is there any way to do it with the no-code version? Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

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Thanks for reaching out to us and for sharing your feedback.

Unfortunately, currently, it isn't possible to return data in the format you described.

But we will take your request into our account when working on further updates.

Best regards,

To format a date from a JSON string in a DIY app without code, you can use the functions available in the app. Connections NYT


is there any news about to formatting timestamps?

Thanks, Alex

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