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Auto-Brightness / Still too bright..

Hello, at first.. I love my LaMetric; great gadget, cool features & design, even better sound !!!!

Looking forward to IFTT integration and all other future improvements xommunity requests, like scrollspeeds, RSS push, multiple Alarms aso ...

One thing I would like to see, is an even darker display! 

I use LaMetric as a night stand and even the lowest brightness setting is disturbing me.

Would it technically be possible, to dim even more or to totally turn off the display.. without turning of the whole gadget. That would be great!



Best Answer

Thanks for reporting this, we will plan "Night mode" for brightness settings.

Dear LaMetric team

a bit of honest feedback for you

guys, seriously. for the amount of spam emails offering your products you keep sending to existing customers (like me) and given the fact that these brightness complaints go back a long time (a year now), I think you're devoting too much (btw useless for existing customers) efforts to cross-sell and up-sell vs. spending your time to improve the product. To be honest, I think this looks a bit too money-hungry in my eyes vs. truly devoted to create a good customer experience. I'm starting to become a bit dissappointed with your product and service

Yep, I confirm that with 1.7.7 we are back at higher settings for the minimum brightness.

Please revert.


Updated to 1.7.1 but to be honest I've a hard time seeing any difference... I was expecting the level of brightness of the moon displayed in the app Night Mode, but it's still much brighter.

Am I missing something?


Where are we with that (v1.7)? I'm about to return it because it's just too bright...

V1.5.0  Generally needs to go much darker if its going to be used in a bedroom just the faintest glow in the dark is required.... and I should be able to adjust 'auto' level please 


Thanks for reporting this, we will plan "Night mode" for brightness settings.

Solved! Thanks for this community! Check latest app called "Night Mode'! Love this Gadget like my Anki Overdrive ;-)
Same here. We a workaround use the app notes with a blank message. This way you can switch off the display without shutting down the device. Then just press arrow button to switch to other apps.
+1 Wife complains about it
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