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Auto-Brightness / Still too bright..

Hello, at first.. I love my LaMetric; great gadget, cool features & design, even better sound !!!!

Looking forward to IFTT integration and all other future improvements xommunity requests, like scrollspeeds, RSS push, multiple Alarms aso ...

One thing I would like to see, is an even darker display! 

I use LaMetric as a night stand and even the lowest brightness setting is disturbing me.

Would it technically be possible, to dim even more or to totally turn off the display.. without turning of the whole gadget. That would be great!



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Thanks for reporting this, we will plan "Night mode" for brightness settings.

Hi, I would like to reopen this issue because it has become a reality and after unpacking yesterday and the first night, the clock (in night mode) is too bright. Would it be possible to do an update with brightness optimization or color adjustment of the clock? I believe the grey color tones (instead of the default white) would emit much less and could solve this problem.

Al Kooz, first of all, if you read the first page of the issue you will see me complaining about it (until I stopped when it was resolved).

Second, I was answering here merely hopping to be helpful by bringing my own personal experience (I own 2 lametrics and am very happy with what it does).

Lastly, as you accuse me of being paid by Lametric, well, I'm now glad you feel robbed and from now on couldn't care less about your whining. So please, get lost.

and btw: many people have been complaining about this brightness issue - yet, nothing dramatic has been done to improve the user experience. that's just "below expectations" for a device with a hefty price tag like this


Etienne, you seem to be paid by lametric to write positive reviews. I bought my lametric a while back and there's been 2 firmware updates since with no ability to set brightness any lower than what was when I purchased it or to select a different app as the screensaver app. These are basic features that should be available for a system claiming to be flexible and open. Yes, it is a matter of taste at the end. I would not buy this device again given its high price, limited functionality and lack of development.


Well, in MY opinion, it HAS been solved by firmware update quite a while back and by my standard (and my better half's, who is extremely picky about lights in the bedroom), the amount of light is perfectly acceptable.

In our case it is not sitting directly on the bedside table but in front of the bed, facing us. No problem at all. It's all about a matter of taste.

If you hesitate: try it. Amazon has a good return policy...

And I beg to differ, but Lametric has to be praised for the continuous updates they bring to their clock. Last major one (January) was bringing compatibility with Google Home, so no, they certainly didn't stop developping.

 Hi Etienne, hi Kristo. I'm also annoyed by the night mode and NO in my opinion it has NOT been solved. 2 problems: first, the screen is too bright at night (especially because the dimmest setting still emits a white light, which is annoying). they haven't changed that. second, lametric does not allow any other screensaver app than the "clock" app (see screenshot). which means you have to manually select a "dark" app and are not able to have a night watch running (at a lower-than-current brightness setting). I think lametric just earned their money and now stopped developing this device

Hi Etienne, 

How was it solved ?

Through a 'blank' app or a real 'night mode' with ultra dimmed display (so you can still read the clock during full black night) ?

It is definitely solved for me, and believe me, I'm really picky about this.


I am about buying (or not) this device to replace a bedside alarm clock, but the night brightness issue will not be compatible with my wife. question : is it solved ? Is there a real 'embedded night mode in latest firmware' ?

If yes, I will buy it.

If no, I will not buy it.

Simple :-)

This seems like a simple fix. Instead of having the clock be the only screensaver, there should just be a blank/black screensaver - or “none”.
Hello. I'm still missing the nightmode brightness feature. Are you really planning to implement it? The device is awesome but too bright for bed room...

I would really like to buy a couple more LaMetric Times for my home. But, given the current problems, including the brightness, these devices are not worth the price.

Dear LaMetric team

a bit of honest feedback for you

guys, seriously. for the amount of spam emails offering your products you keep sending to existing customers (like me) and given the fact that these brightness complaints go back a long time (a year now), I think you're devoting too much (btw useless for existing customers) efforts to cross-sell and up-sell vs. spending your time to improve the product. To be honest, I think this looks a bit too money-hungry in my eyes vs. truly devoted to create a good customer experience. I'm starting to become a bit dissappointed with your product and service

Yep, I confirm that with 1.7.7 we are back at higher settings for the minimum brightness.

Please revert.

Clock is still way too bright for a bed side clock. can we please have a clock screensaver app where we can adjust brightness and color of the clock digits (e.g. to put it to dark grey or dark red or something that allows one to sleep next to it who's sensitive to light). I'm about to return this device because it's useless for what I wanted it for (ntp auto-adjusted bed side clock)

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