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show current music track [Spotify]

Hello everyone!

I don't want to listen to Spotify via LaMetric, BUT:

Is there a way to show the current track I listen on Amazon Alexa via notification

on the LaMetric? By using Spotify, not Amazon Prime Music. I can't find a solution.

I tried to set it up with IFTTT, but I guess it will only work with Prime Music.

What a bummer.

I've got LaMetric's Spotify Connect integration working well.  Thanks, LaMetric! 

But what I'd really like to be able to do is have the LaMetric simply display the artist and track name that's playing via Spotify on my computer or other device with better speakers.  I tried Kenneth's "Displify" app mentioned above and it's not working for me. I'm able to log into my Spotify account but when the LaMetric app tries to get an update it just buzzes with an on-screen "x."  There are a few others in the Appstore but sadly none of them work, either.

Is there some other easy, current way to get the LaMetric to display the metadata for the Spotify track that is playing on another device?

Sorry Josh, had some issues with my Displify app. 
But I solved the issues and Displify is working again.

i can't find the app "Displify" from Kenneth in the app store. Any idea why?

can't find the Displify app. and cant get any of the Spotify apps to work at the moment. i did mange to use the remote play feature in the Radio app but i want to play the music on my pc and have the LaMetric time to show what song i playing

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I just created a app which shows the currently playing track on your LaMetric. The data is retrieved from Search for and install the one by LJPc solutions. You then only need to enter your API key (which can be generated here: and your username. If you've connected Spotify to your, it should work.

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