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LaMetic clock displays 'clock symbol' - FEL - 'PC monitor'

My LaMetic clock displays 'clock symbol' - FEL - 'PC monitor' and nothing else. Attempting to reset it did not prevent this form happening. Please help!

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Hi Peter!

Could you please drop an email on with the issue? We'll send you further solutions on this.

Thanks in advance.

It would be better if solutions to problems like this were posted here or in an FAQ page, as opposed to only giving them out via e-mail.

Dear Patrick,

Thank you for your feedback. 

Recently we published article solution to case when 'FEL' appears - Other troubleshootings we posted you can find here -

If you have any other questions write back us anytime or contact directly

I have the same issue, the solution provided above makes no change, any suggestions ?

Same problem here. Tried the fix posted above but no chance
I found a solution. Connecting the LaMetric to my PC resolved the problem.

What more specifically did you do, what steps ? and did you use a Windows PC/Mac or Linux ?

any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

I took the USB cable from the power supply connected it to a Windows PC and it started to do an update. The I waited until it finished and suddenly the time was displayed again. That’s all. Hope you will also find a solution for your device

Thanks for the reply, did the "clock" - Fel - "Computer" on the display  disappear when you connected to the PC, or were you able to start the "recovery" mode ? ("Volume-UP" + action button on top )

I was not able to enter in the recovery mode so I tried my last chance and connecting it to my PC and as soon as I connected it it started to update.

ok so it automatically started updating once connected to the PC ?

Yes that’s what happened
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