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LaMetric Sky

Y a t’il un soucis avec LaMetric Sky car je ne vois plus aucun article dessus sur internet.

Le produit est il abandonné ?

Une sortie en 2021 est il envisageable ?

Il n’y a absolument aucune communication sur le sujet...dommage !

un peu d’informations SVP

Hello Sebastien!

Thanks for writing to us.

The planned date of the SKY release is Spring 2021. We'll let you know on any updates available.

If you have any other questions please drop an email on We'll be glad to help you.

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6 mois de passé et plus de nouvelles de LaMetric Sky.

Où en êtes vous dans la fabrication ?

merci pour l’information 

Do you think the release will be this year ? It is the first product I've been wainting for now 1.5 year :-/ I know Corona and the worldwide computer chip production crysis are 2 big problems but anyway other electronic products came also on the market and in the Lametric Sky there is no GPU as in graphic cards or in a PS5 !

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How do I get a refund?

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