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My data API is not working although API data should be correct

Hey there, a few days ago my lametric times (I have four of them) stopped displaying my API Data ( without any reason. Although nothing changed on side of the API it doesn't display my messages anymore. I only see the screwdriver and two "--", that's it. But why? Output should be okay, where could be the problem? Thanks!

... and my lametric firmware is 2.3.3

I confirm (1 year later), that I still have the issue :) 

I'm currently running on 2.2.2 but have again issues with HTTPS certificates

Please make sure you have updated your LaMetric firmware to 2.2.2 version. It contains a fix for the issue where some apps could not fetch any data due to the new Let's Encrypt's intermediate certificate.  

There's been issues with HTTPS certificates recently - some important ones expired and a software update is required for the Lametric Time to fix it. Lametric support tell me that they're aware of the problem and are working on a fix.

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