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Cached Icon on Device

Editing an icon updates the web interface, but the old version is still cached on device.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Thank you for your reply. This is probably not my case. I can see the same icon ID in the code sample as before. The solution is to create a new icon with a different ID. I thought it would be more simple.

Thank you

I don't think it is an editable field, but it's on the published v# tab of your app. In this case, it was my own app and I would push (with my own code running on a Raspberry Pi) frames with icon numbers in the json. I modified my code to send the icon ID without the `i` on the front.


I have the same problem. Where is exactly the "data format" filed where I can change the icon ID? I can't find this field in the developer portal.

Thank you

Interestingly, even though the developer portal (in the "Data format" field) lists the icon like this  

"icon": "i12345"

 removing the "i" appears to un-cache the original version:

"icon": "12345"


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